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Even though Simarjeet Kaur scored 449 out of 500, she was unsure of continuing her studies due to the poor financial condition of her family. "My dream is to become an IAS officer one day", said Simarjeet Kaur who hails from Budhlada, a small town in Punjab. We came across Simarjeet's story via an Indian Express Article. When we spoke to her, Simarjit was proud of her achievement, but also constrained that she would not be able to pursue her dream. Eduvanz decided to help the hardworking & ambitious girl at all costs the moment the story was published, inline with our motto of Fuelling the career growth of young India!

With our leadership position as the only RBI licensed NBFC focussed on Education, we consituted a scholarship for Simarjeet and arranged for her fees, invested in a new laptop and a leading online IAS preparatory course. Indian express did a follow-up "Unsure of continuing studies over a month back, Mansa PSEB topper gets help to carry on". Special thanks to Indian express for highlighting Simarjeet's story. Simarjeet, keep working hard towards your dreams, we are cheering you along the way

I really appreciate and thank Eduvanz for sanctioning my loan at no interest and in helping me fulfil my dream. From the initial point even before I started applying for the loan they supported me and were very responsive to all my queries. I would highly recommend Eduvanz to all the students who are planning to take up loan for skill building. Their process is very convenient and you can just drop a mail or call them for any queries. They will surely respond.

Mayank Hansraj,

TimesPro (Patna)

The financial support I received from Eduvanz was invaluable in my journey towards becoming an investment banker. My parents only had to help me out for the first 3 months and I paid the remaining instalments after getting placement, post course completion; The loan was a simple procedure and I recommend this No Interest loan to all my fellow aspirants.

Haaris Aalamgeer,


Amazing experience with Eduvanz! Not only did they offer the best rate, but I had a friendly and knowledgeable personal loan advisor throughout the entire process, who made it really simple and fast.

Kolekar Padmaja Nandkumar,

BICARD Institute (Pune)
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